Pathways to the C-Suite Internship

Spring 2024 CBCF Pathways to the C-Suite Internship Program

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Incorporated (CBCF) Pathways to the C-Suite Internship Program partners rising college seniors and recently graduated students with some of the nation’s top executives in the private sector to experience how public policy is influenced and developed at every level. Through the Pathways to the C-Suite Internship Program, participants gain practical and meaningful work experience in a corporate setting and obtain first-hand experience working with organizations whose top priorities include diversity employment retention, and internship-to-employment opportunities. This program will take place in person from Monday, January 13th to May 3rd, 2024. Interns will receive housing, and a $4000 stipend (paid biweekly in increments of $500).and are placed in a corporate sponsor’s office. Interns interact with senior-level business leaders, explore multifaceted business challenges, and build skills to prepare them for careers in corporate America. Over the course of the 16-week internship, participants also take part in business networking, team-building events, and leadership development sessions to enhance their professional and leadership skills.

CBCF will offer four information sessions to allow prospective applicants to learn more about our internship program. Should this be of interest, please register for the information session of your choice:

Info Session Dates and Registration Link:

August 28th, 2023 6:30 pm-7:30 pm:

September 25th, 2023 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm:

October 2nd, 2023 6:30 pm-7:30 pm:

October 16th, 2023 6:30 pm-7:30 pm:

Candidate Requirements

Note: You must use your full first and last name as your display name when creating your application account.

  • Interns must have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Must be 21 years of age for the Pathways to C-Suite Internship
  • Interns must have full Covid vaccination, a COVID booster shot is encouraged
  • Interns must have U.S. citizenship or a permit to work in the U.S. for the duration of the program ( January 13th to May 3rd, 2024)
  • Interns must have availability to participate full-time upon acceptance
  • Interns cannot be enrolled in classes for the duration of the program (in some cases, the program can be used for credit with university approval)
  • Interns must be current or rising college seniors by the start of the Spring program OR must have not graduated with a bachelor’s degree more than 2 years from the internship program start date
  • Interns cannot yet have obtained a graduate degree
  • Interns cannot be actively enrolled in graduate studies
  • Interns must have a general familiarity with the federal legislative process, the U.S. Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus and its members, and related policy
  • Interns must have superior analytical skills
  • Interns must have outstanding oral and written communication skills

Note: Upon acceptance, interns must stay in provided CBCF housing, with a roommate, for the duration of the program.

Application Materials

The completed online application must be submitted by 11:59 pm ET, November 10th, 2023. The following items will be requested through the online application:

  • 1 Video Recording in response to a provided prompt (located within the Conditional Application)
  • 1 Essay Question Response (located within the Conditional Application)
  • 2 letters of recommendation, submitted electronically (hard copy letters will not be accepted)
  • Resume listing extracurricular activities, honors, employment, community service, and specific skills (2-page limit)
  • Transcript (must be uploaded directly to the application portal)
  • A recent photograph suitable for publication (i.e., a graduation photo or other professional-quality photograph in which the subject is formally dressed)

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete the General Application to gain access to the Conditional Application. If for any reason you are unable to access the conditional application, it may be because you are unqualified for the opportunity. Please reach out to for assistance, as necessary. Note that application materials are not accepted via email.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The in-person nature of this program will require both full vaccination and adherence to CDC guidelines, given the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to applying to this program, please read the following expectations in their entirety:

Vaccination Policy

Congressional Interns must (i) provide proof that they are fully vaccinated (a booster shot is highly encouraged) prior to the start date of the program or (ii) obtain an approved exemption as an accommodation (the process for seeking an accommodation is explained below). Only vaccines authorized for emergency use and/or full use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are acceptable under this policy.

Until full vaccination is documented or an approved exemption as an accommodation is obtained, Congressional Interns may not be approved to participate in the Congressional Internship.

All Congressional Interns are expected to have completed a full vaccination regime a booster shot is highly encouraged), or have an approved exemption accommodation, prior to arriving at the Congressional Intern housing. Interns who have neither been fully vaccinated nor received an exemption accommodation prior to arrival to housing are not permitted in Intern housing. Congressional Interns who fail to become fully vaccinated or obtain an approved exemption accommodation before the program’s start date will be subject to being rejected from the program.

Requests for Accommodations

Congressional Interns may request an approved exemption from the vaccination requirement as an accommodation for medical or sincerely held religious reasons:

Congressional Interns may request an accommodation for a medical reason such as a disability (as defined by applicable law), pregnancy (or childbirth or a related medical condition), being a nursing mother, having a documented medical condition that contraindicates the vaccination, or any other trait, characteristic, or class for which applicable law requires the CBCF to provide reasonable workplace accommodations.

Congressional Interns may request an accommodation for a non-medical reason, such as an objection to being vaccinated on the basis of sincerely held religious beliefs and practices.

Accommodation requests for the Spring 2024 Congressional Internship should be submitted to Human Resources in writing no later than October 22nd, 2023.

Additional Note: Former interns, immediate relatives of a CBCF employee, CBC Member, CBC Spouse, a staff person of a CBC Member or Spouse, a member of the CBCF Board of Directors, Corporate Advisory Council Member of CBCF, or any CBCF-sponsoring entity are not eligible for CBCF internship programs.

Selection Process

The CBCF’s Congressional and Pathways to C-Suite Internship Programs are highly competitive programs. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee made up of program alumni, staff, and board members. Top candidates receive an invitation to interview. Applications are scored based on evidence of leadership and leadership potential, including community involvement, commitment to public service, and ability to challenge self.


Please contact:

Please do not contact the office in regard to your application status. Only qualified candidates will be directly contacted by program supervisors. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we regret that we are unable to respond to all applicants.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload a recent professional headshot suitable for publication. This photograph will be used in reports and biographies both internally and externally. Photographs should be high resolution, (5000x4000 pixels) and no less than 72 dpi.
  2. Video Response: Discuss two important reasons that inspired you to apply for this internship. (3min Max)
  3. Please choose only 1 from the following Essay Prompts: Essay 1: You are working in the office of a congressional member as a subject matter expert in your respective profession. Draft a memo to your congressional member discussing three policy areas that you deem most critical to the advancement of the black community, why your representative should prioritize these items on his/her agenda, and how s/he can create awareness on these issues. Be sure to cite your sources. [1,000 words maximum. Arial font with a font size of 12 and single spacing] Essay 2: Choose a bill that you find most relevant to the black community in the last three congressional sessions. Discuss the current status of the legislation, the key members involved with the issue, and the potential or current effects of the legislation on the black community. Be sure to cite your sources. [1,000 words maximum. Arial font with a font size of 12 and single spacing] Essay 3: Choose a social justice policy issue (i.e. criminal justice reform, Black Lives Matter, school-to-prison pipeline, public education, or racial discrimination in the workplace) you find most relevant to the black community in the last three congressional sessions. Discuss the current status of the legislation, the key members involved with the issue, and the potential or current effects of the legislation on the black community. Be sure to cite your sources. [1,000 words maximum. Arial font with a font size of 12 and single spacing]
  4. Please identify a policy area of interest
  5. Briefly explain your interest in the policy area you listed above and also any additional ones you also interested in.
  6. Upload a legible copy of your current transcript in a PDF file. We must be able to read clearly the name of academic institution, student name and information, courses, grades and other information detailed on the transcript (unofficial accepted).
  7. Upload resume in a PDF file listing your employment, community service, academic information, extracurricular activities, honors and special skills.
  8. Please upload a cover letter expressing your interest in the Pathways to C-Suite Internship with the CBCF. Ensure that your cover letter is 12 pt. font Times New Roman and uploaded as a pdf.
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